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Neighbourhood Regeneration

Neighbourhood interventions … and the definition of madness

Here in the land of Myopia, we are forever trying to support local communities to improve economic circumstances and quality of life for residents – especially in neighbourhoods regarded as relatively disadvantaged. The trouble is, we are sure that we are doing something wrong – but for the life...

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Sustainable Living – the only way is Essex … or is it?

Conferences on Sustainable Living can be very tricky things!  The term ‘sustainable’ can itself be quite ambiguous, even elusive. I was at one such conference a while back … which just happened to be in Letchworth … which just happens to be England’s First Garden City … which just happens to...

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The need for Social Enterprise … and the fashion for passion

These days, we tend to talk freely and easily about social enterprise …   but do we really have a common understanding of what we mean by it? This was the thought that sprang to mind when I read of the demise of the ‘not-for-profit’ Hadrian’s Wall Trust as set...

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