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A Route Map for social purpose organisations wishing to sustain their impacts and ensure their future

How can voluntary / community organisations and social enterprises sustain their impacts and ensure their future?  As public funds and grant support continue to shrink, the challenge of survival is deepening.

Our Sustainability Route Map embodies essential principles.  It is based on key lessons learned from our work with numerous social purpose organisations across the country.


Building a base for transforming the culture of neighbourhood communities

We estimate that 15% of UK residents live within neighbourhoods where there is little or no sense of enterprise.  This is reflected in negligible rates of business start-up, volunteering and social enterprise.

Our tried and tested approach to local Neighbourhood Coaching is based upon a long-term capacity building process to ‘embed, build and sustain’ enterprising behaviours at neighbourhood level.


A pointer to improved quality of life for local communities

How does your local neighbourhood community benchmark locally, regionally, nationally?  How could sustainability be improved looking across the board at economic factors, social factors, the built environment and the natural environment?

We have devised a Sustainable Community Index  which will give you a snapshot of how your neighbourhood is positioned and where you might usefully focus efforts to improve local sustainability and  related quality of life.


Capacity building to support the growth of social purpose organisations

Our aim is to facilitate transformational change in the way social enterprises can sustain and grow their services, moving away from long-term reliance upon grant funding towards the generation of revenue through trading and contract delivery.

We offer a tailored package of Social Enterprise Growth Support to help improve any organisation’s performance, increase its ability to deliver social benefit and move towards financial sustainability.  Our approach recognises the need for sustainable change.

Alongside our standard services, we specialise in designing and delivering bespoke transformational, enterprise based solutions aimed at achieving the long-term culture change within organisations and sustainable behaviour change within local communities.

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