The Team

John Every

John has a track record of delivering major regeneration initiatives and change programmes over some twenty years. He has worked as Head of Regeneration with Glasgow City Council, with Glasgow Development Agency as Inward Investment Manager, with Scottish Enterprise as Head of Technology & Innovation and as Director of Economic Development with Mitial Research. Over the past few years, John has focussed upon charity management and social enterprise development both as a practitioner and consultant / mentor to numerous local and national organisations across the UK. John is a leading exponent of asset driven social enterprise as an essential ingredient in sustainable regeneration. His achievements have been underpinned by an ability to draw together the interests of public, community and corporate business sectors in effective partnership. John has held trustee positions with several UK social care agencies.

Judith Sellwood

Judith is an experienced Community Development Worker, with a 25 year career focusing variously upon youth work, services for older people, support for carers, volunteer development, single gender initiatives, inter-generation activities and a variety of capacity building programmes. With a wide experience of partnership development and regeneration initiatives Judith’s recent activities have included the development of a Community Engagement Checklist which has been recognised as a model of best practice via the DCLG Neighbourhood Renewal Unit and the development of a programme of Enterprise Culture change within targeted communities which saw the creation of new business start ups in areas with a traditionally low business birth rate. Judith’s work is underpinned by the conviction that local regeneration is only truly sustainable when community driven

Mike Dodd

Mike is a graduate of Health and Community Studies with extensive experience of working in the social enterprise sector in partnership with a wide range of agencies and organisations. Over the past 15 years he has specialised in providing independent business advice and capacity building support to groups and individuals at a grass roots level to overcome barriers to enterprise generation within disadvantaged communities. Mike is recognised as a pioneer in community based approaches to business incubation playing a major role in the management and development of the social enterprise sector across the UK. Mike is a qualified business counsellor and NVQ assessor.

Steve Taylor

Steve is an experienced business coach who has been working in training and development of one kind or another since the age of 16. He is a qualified teacher and executive coach and holds an MA in People Management. Steve has vast experience in helping individuals and businesses through transformational and strategic change. He is experienced in working with Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 and 2 and qualified to deliver the Tipping Point Change Programme and the ELLI (Effective Life Long Learning Inventory) Programme. Formerly Director of Training and then CEO for an International Management Development Centre, Steve now splits his work time between executive and personal coaching, lecturing in universities and leadership and team development programmes.

Mick Hurley OBE

Mick’s career has been focused on tackling youth crime, youth violent crime and latterly street gangs and organised crime. Working initially in the youth offending service, Mick became the head of service for Manchester Multi-agency Gang Strategy in 2003, this highly successful programme was led and developed by Mick at the height of the gang problems in south Manchester. In 2007 he was asked to transfer his expertise to the Home Office where he was part of the Tackling Gangs Action Programme (TGAP), which was set up by government following the fatal shooting of Rhys Jones in Liverpool. He was retained in the Home Office as a senior advisor on gangs and youth violence .After leaving the Home Office in 2011 Mick has primarily been engaged with Greater Manchester Police working on the development of the street gang approach and more recently the development of Programme Challenger, a unique approach to tackling organised crime in a focussed and innovative way. Mick received the OBE for services to young people in 2010.