Neighbourhood interventions … and the definition of madness

Here in the land of Myopia, we are forever trying to support local communities to improve economic circumstances and quality of life for residents – especially in neighbourhoods regarded as relatively disadvantaged. The trouble is, we are sure that we are doing something wrong – but for the life...

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Sustainable Living – the only way is Essex … or is it?

Conferences on Sustainable Living can be very tricky things!  The term ‘sustainable’ can itself be quite ambiguous, even elusive. I was at one such conference a while back … which just happened to be in Letchworth … which just happens to be England’s First Garden City … which just happens to...

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Fracking in the UK – a seismic shift required

Here in my very own neighbourhood, we are presently up in arms! Situated as we are on the edge of the Cheshire Basin, licenses for test drilling have been issued spelling the end (as some would have it) of our relatively harmonious, generally seismic-free existence. Strange how protest encampments...

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The need for Social Enterprise … and the fashion for passion

These days, we tend to talk freely and easily about social enterprise …   but do we really have a common understanding of what we mean by it? This was the thought that sprang to mind when I read recently of the demise of the ‘not-for-profit’ Hadrian’s Wall Trust as...

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